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t quote. If you have started a quote and continue to trade in the next paragraph, it is not necessary to close the quotes before moving on to the next pair, although you should start the new paragraph with backticks. See how we drop the quotes after the first paragraph but include it at the beginning of the second:
Raukele said: "It is not something I have expected to happen in this country in my life.
"I have to admit it was a complete surprise."

Whenever introducing a new speaker, tag before the appointment, also giving the speaker's title. This is particularly important when switching from one speaker to another. If you quote a new speaker and don't put your tag at the beginning, the reader will assume that the first speaker is still cited:

Notice in the example above that it is possible to change the usual "someone said" order of the tag to the "someone said" order. This becomes necessary when the tag has a long identifier, so it doesn't separate the verb "said" too far from the actual quote:

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